First Edition

To Lieutenant Colonel Marco Iannuzzi

in recognition of the excellent results achieved in swimming sports competitions at world level. Since 2014 he is part of the Italian National Team that participated in the Invictus Games obtaining n.7 medals, of which n.4 gold. Italian champion from 2002 to 2010.  Athlete of absolute sporting virtues and clear example of the best national ethical values.


To Maestro Carlo Pignatelli

in recognition of his having established himself as an authentic interpreter of the best national entrepreneurial traditions. He has spread, uninterruptedly for over fifty years, the made in Italy in the whole world, distinguishing himself as a Master of style and elegance recognized in Italy and abroad. A clear example of the best Italian excellence.


To Dr. Maria Teresa Lamberti

as a special recognition for her assiduous commitment to the world of women. Creator, curator and presenter of the historic program “Victory” now entitled “Women in the front line”: a program focused on the female world, which offers stories of women who fight and win, who struggle to overcome prejudices and obstacles, who know how to meet and overcome the challenges that life puts before them.