Carlo Pignatelli

The Carlo Pignatelli brand stands out nowadays as a true global project of style, designed for a 360-degrees elegance that ranges from the men/women formal outfits, the company’s core business, to daywear. Tailor-made is undoubtedly the key word that allows to read and better define the firm’s identity. A specific value and an authentic plus that mark the history of the brand right from the very first men and women collections related to the world of ceremony. Also applied to other types of products – from accessories to bijoux, from children’s clothing to wedding favours – this value is declined as the highest attention to quality, passionate attention to detail, constant search for exclusivity. But in the DNA of Carlo Pignatelli the systematic commitment to reread, reinvent and even “revolutionize” the concept of ceremonial clothing plays a decisive role, so as to adapt it to the ease and dynamism of our time, with innovative interventions on the stylistic contents of the collections and on the producing processes of the garments.

Ida Pezzotti

1980 – 1988    she studied Artistic Gymnastics with Romanian gymnasts
1988 – 1991    she studied Classical Dance, Modern Jazz, Contemporary
1992 – 1997      she studied Classical Dance, Historical, Character, Step Two, Repertoire, Tip Tap with the Masters of the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. She passes the examinations with the Imperial Society of Dancing of Teachers in London.
Improvement and in-depth courses with:

  • Anna Maria Prina – Teatro Alla Scala of Milano
  • Liliana Cosi – Teatro Alla Scala of Milano
  • Paola Jorio – Dance School Teatro dell’Opera of Roma
  • Marit Beck – Peoples of the World Academy – Moscow

Professional experiences

– Teacher at the Taniez Club Dance School
– She teaches at the Alcarotti Dance School
– Artistic Director of the Cultural Association “Il Centro”

– Teacher at the Music School “Perpetual Motion”

-Dancer in a company of Contemporary Dance as a soloist

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San Carlo Technical Schools Association

The San Carlo Schools, founded in 1848, with headquarters in Turin, have accompanied the whole history of Italy, helping to train aware citizens, scrupulous workers, excellent craftsmen, capable entrepreneurs. Throughout their history, they have become a reference point, at regional and national level, for training in the sectors of Artistic Handicraft and Cultural Heritage.

Today the San Carlo Schools operate in the fields of woodworking and wood restoration, decoration, bookbinding, set design, electro-engineering, information technology, clothing and personal services (aesthetics and hairstyles).

 logo-basic-salonThe San Carlo Technical Schools Association is a non-profit-making moral body, which promotes, therefore, initiatives aimed at orientation, initial training and cultural and professional updating of young people looking for first jobs and workers.

Today the San Carlo Technical Schools are reviewing their programs and training courses, finalizing them to a recovery of “other professional” craftsmanship related to the use of new technologies to build a place in the future for the younger generation by avoiding to lose a link with our history.

Via Pergolesi, 119
Tel. No. +39 011 2055793

Patrizia Barsotti

Head of Communications, External Relations & Marketing. Owner of the Studio Media Communication Company operating on the national and international territory. Press Agent of show business figures, journalism and culture. Specializing in communication at 360 degrees, for over twenty years, in the tourism sector (edit, road tour), cultural (exhibitions, festivals, theater and dance) and in the television and film fields. Writer and author of books.

Istituto Alberghiero _E Maggia_ Sresa copia

Scuola Alberghiera E. Maggia

Choosing a school, a course of higher education to look beyond, to dream new horizons, ambitious destinations, distant places … Those who choose the Hotel School of Stresa, “La Scuola di Stresa“, know that here you can start to learn the professions which open the doors to the world: the professionals of the kitchen, the hotel restaurants, catering, tourist marketing; in the hall, at the reception, in the kitchen, in the tourist offices. Dozens of possible careers, in every place on the planet …



Half a century of history

The Italian Sommelier Association was founded on July 7, 1965. On 6 April 1973, with Decree no. 539 of the President of the Republic, it obtained the legal recognition of the State.

Being a member of the Italian Sommelier Association means taking part in the many food and wine activities that are organized for members: guided tastings, themed seminars, dinners, trips to wineries in Italy and around the world. It also means attending national and international conferences and symposia.


caffe_concerto ballo debuttanti


LIncanto Armonico creates elegant musical entertainment with professional musicians specialized in the classical and jazz sectors. Harps or violins, opera singers or small jazz bands available for concerts or ceremonies of any kind, from weddings to celebrations, from institutional galas to corporate meetings. The great experience and the wide pool of collaborators guarantee quality of service and a wide choice of solutions for all circumstances and all locations.



proposes itself as a single interlocutor, partner and reference point for companies and individuals who choose to entrust to a qualified partner the activities related to security services.

The activity of alarm centralization and management of patrols in the area is managed by the Operative Centre of VIGILANZA GROUP SERVICE srl, located at the headquarters of the Institute and manned by armed and specialized personnel, 24 hours a day.

Internet address:

Studio fotografico Ragni FrancescoFRANCESCO RAGNI

began working as a photographer in 1980, devoting himself to the study of techniques and settings of various kinds. In the meantime, he attended courses on photographic techniques, in particular with reference to portraiture, reportage, industrial photography and still life.

One of his specializations is, without a doubt, portraiture both in the studio and in outdoor settings.

At his studio in Borgo Ticino (NO), he operates with advanced technologies in the digital and analogical environment. Over the years, he has specialised in various sectors: double photo and video services – creation of photographic books – creation of personalised calendars – reportages – portraiture in personalised settings – industrial photography also aimed at creating catalogues.


In Turin, Francesco Leonetti is a guarantee for beautiful fresh flowers, flower and green plants, exotic and fat, bonsai and orchids, compositions for events and weddings., is the first and innovative luxury web boutique, that allows you to solve the female problem of dress code on special occasions, hiring clothes from the latest collections, crafted by leading designers. It is a smart solution of the highest value, which has met the appreciation of many women.

The process is easy and immediate. After registering on our website:, you can view all the dresses available and select in the shop: which dress to rent for the next event in the program, indicating size and day of delivery.

Lauretana mineral water has a beautiful history.

The spring was discovered more than half a century ago by Teresio Rossello, while he was mountain hiking. It was located in a town called Caruzza, in the municipality of Graglia at an altitude of 1050 meters. An uncontaminated place, far from industrial and civil settlements. “Being thirsty”, he refreshed at a source and the feeling he felt was a satisfying lightness.

Teresio Rossello brought back a sample of that water to analyze: “This water is simply exceptional”, was the answer. More detailed examinations were made at the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Turin. The result confirmed what previously stated. Read more

logo estetica agenzia + clain

The School of Aesthetics was founded in 1987 by Mrs. Ferrero Maria Luisa. Always a point of reference in Piedmont in the reality of vocational schools, specialized in the theoretical preparation of wellness operators, for an easy entry into the world of work.

In a serene, professional and innovative atmosphere, the students will be stimulated and followed, with discipline and rigor by specialized teachers of the Beauty and Hairstyling sector, to learn all the secrets of the beauty world and to carry out a fascinating professional activity in the future.


The State Institute of Art for the Design of Fashion and Costume was founded in 1955 by Italo Cremona; today, the Institute has become the Artistic High School “A. Passoni“.

Aimed at promoting global growth, the “Passoni” helps students to pursue a cultural education aimed at the study of aesthetic phenomena and artistic practice, in particular the design of fashion and costume that, being the first-born address, has a long tradition of specific skills and products of high dexterity.
The training of the Fashion address is complemented by operational experience gained through collaborations with institutions outside the school, competitions and stages.
The precious “Archive of historical clothing” enhances its prestige, allowing the acquisition of historical knowledge and skills.
After the State Exam, Passoni students can access all university departments, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Higher Institutes of Artistic Education, the Post-Diploma courses specializing in the sector, and the Professional Training courses.


Beinat S.r.l. – Manufacturer of gas leak detectorsLa Beinat S.r.l. excellence of the Canavese was born in 1978 in Ciriè. For over 40 years our company has been supplying gas safety devices appreciated all over the world. The wide choice of remote sensors, control units, autonomous detectors, portable detectors, makes our products compatible for both domestic and industrial environments, qualifying our company as the perfect partner for all wholesalers in the sector. Furthermore, the continuous attention to new technologies allows Beinat to keep its products always at the cutting edge, and to guarantee the user solutions of great quality and reliability. Entirely Made in Italy, the Beinat products are present all over the world: from Europe to Africa, from Asia to the Americas. Our goal is to guarantee systems and tools useful for civil and industrial safety, whether gas or fire, thermoregulation and professional instrumentation for electronic control.