Press releases 2023

Press release of 23 October 2023

The XXVII edition of the event that combines training-culture and solidarity “Vienna on the lake-the Grand Ball of Venaria Reale” great preparations for the XXVII edition of the event that combines culture, training and solidarity and which on Saturday 28 October in the splendid palace Sabauda della Venaria Reale, will end with a charity evening. Thanks to the consolidated collaboration with the Navy, like every year, on the Sunday preceding the final event, the debutants meet the aspiring guardiamarine within the historic Naval Academy of Livorno, this year at his 142 anniversary of the Foundation, for one Day during which the choreographer of the Ida Pezzotti event will join the young couples for the first dance tests. A path, that of the event, which sees both the debutants and the aspiring guards, engaged in various training and cultural activities, united to create that value of which in our country, especially in this difficult period, needs to live and strengthen “Vienna on the lake”, is an initiative that, thanks to its objectives and social projects created throughout its history, has obtained numerous and prestigious awards from the Presidency of the Italian Republic and the Presidency of the Austrian Republic and that practically It has always enjoyed the patrons of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Piedmont Region, the Embassies of Austria at the Quirinale and at the Holy See and the city of Vienna. The project that returns to focus attention on the awareness campaign against violence against women, through the “Red Shoes” initiative of the “Zapatos Rojos” project created for the first time in 2009 in Ciudad Ju├írez, the border city in the North of Mexico where the term “femicide” was born, in this edition of “Rinascita”, the social objective of raising funds for SOS of the children of children non -profit organization is aimed. The Association is part of the Sos Children’s Villages network, the largest world organization engaged for over 70 years so that children and young people who cannot benefit from adequate parental care grow in a situation of parity with their peers, concretizing fully their potential and the possibility of living an independent life. Present in 138 countries and territories, it helps over 1 million people among boys, girls, boys, girls and their families. In Italy it promotes the rights of over 39,000 children and young people and takes care of over 700 people among children, young people and families who live serious moments of unease. Another important appointment, launched in the 2018 edition by the Organizing Committee who wanted to pay homage to Gen. Delio Costanzo – one of its main founders, is that of the “Costanzo Prize”: a prestigious recognition that honors women, men and institutions who, through their work in individual professional fields, made a “noble” service to the country. The 2023 edition is boasting to include, as Media-Partner La Rai, through the directions of: Isoradio Rai, to make the tradition and innovation to the listeners on the road live; Rai canon, through the initiative “A sub -row subscriber” and Rai Italia since the event for several years, in addition to having a European character, tells and exports the excellence of our Italianness abroad.