Gen. D. Costanzo Award

The Gen. Delio Costanzo Award is an award that is given to Men and Women who have illustrated Italy for high merits in the field of entrepreneurial, social, scientific, artistic, literary, sports, etc. activities.

“General Delio Costanzo was one of the founders of our Committee, and above all a Master of life, an example, a charismatic figure who has marked the history of this event in an indelible way.

A Master who taught us, by his example, to put ourselves at the service of the country and not put the country at our service. He passed on to us values such as temperance, respect for roles, institutions and others.

He had the gift of foresight and an extraordinary influence, confirmed by the fact that, even 20 years after his retirement, many Officers, his past collaborators, stopped to greet him with great respect and admiration.

Always at the service of the country, he dedicated his life to serve it to allow all of us to live in a better Italy than the one that, wounded by the war, had seen him enter the Academy of Modena when he was very young.”

President Claudio Limontini

First Edition

Second Edition