The event’s Program

The Event’s Program

The access to the Gran Ballo della Venaria Reale is granted upon royalty-free invitation and it is reserved to the Supporting Members of the Association “Nessun Uomo è un’Isola Onlus”. In order to become Supporters, an offer of 160 euros per person is required (120 euros if the person is under 30 years old).

Come negli anni precedenti, sarà possibile partecipare al pranzo di gala nella Galleria Grande della Reggia, ove si svolge il Gran Ballo di Apertura delle Debuttanti.

As for the previous edition, this year it will be once again possible to book a reserved seat in the Galleria Grande, where the Opening Gran Ballo with the Debutantes will be held.
The table seats located in the Galleria Grande are reserved to the Meritorious Members of the Association, meaning those who support the Onlus’ activities and projects with a minimum offer of 240 euros.

The aforementioned Supporting Members will be able to enjoy the Gala Dinner in the other rooms of the Palace.

According to Your preferences, and compatibly with the available seats, the sums of 160/120 euro have to be paid to the bank account no. 21402 IBAN: IT75K0503410100000000021402 SWIFT: BAPPIT21A50, registered to “Nessun Uomo è un’Isola Onlus, with the purpose: “supporter 2022” or “meritorious member 2022”.

Subsequently, a copy of the payment and the list with the participants’ names (if there are under 30 guests, an ID copy shall be attached as well) must be sent by e-mail to the address ““, or by fax to the fax no. 0321620502.

Since it is a charity offer, the sum is deductible for tax purposes.

The Association “Nessun Uomo è un’Isola Onlus” will then see to the tickets purchase for its supporters.

The invitations will have to be picked up by the guests on Saturday October 15th presenting a valid ID:

– from 10AM to 5PM at the Museum Entrance of the Reggia

– from 5:30PM to the beginning of the event at the front desk of the Hotel Cascina di Corte, in front of the Reggia.

The compulsory dress code for the night is a floor-length evening gown for the Ladies and a tuxedo or tailcoat for the Gentlemen. On our website, under the heading “partners/staff/dress code”, it is possible to rent Ladies’ gowns.

19:30 PM – Opening of the Reggia

20:00 PM – Opening of the Galleria Grande

20:30 PM – Delivery of the “Gen. D. Delio Costanzo” Award and start of the Gran Ball

22:00 PM – Gala Dinner



Cake Cutting

Midnight Quadrille

Modern Dances